1. The Infographic on +Khaliah’s Blog this week was fantastic!  These words we use so frequently as part this course sound so similar, but in order to identify answers to the questions we raise as part of this course, we MUST use them correctly!
    Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 7.12.10 PM.png
  2. As I explore what a learning community looks like when it embraces its diversity as a source of empowerment, I think that this article gives a few quick ideas that apply to all teachers, not just ESL teachers.  If voice is power, this list of ideas for how to adjust your teaching styles for ELLs gives me a few places to start my thinking.
  3. I enjoyed the article about the protests that Philadelphia’ youth are leading, which was posted by +tomwoznicki.  I saw this as another perfect example of shared purpose where student voice was not only recognized, but honored and given importance.
  4. I really connected to the problems of isolation that S. Craig Watkins spoke about in his video that +Lana Iskandarani posted.  It got me thinking, how do I use shared purpose, among our many other principles of connected learning to give voice and power to my students?  Another inquiry question?  Probably.
  5. I am using my fifth find as space for reflection, to realize that as I progress toward my final make, I need to specify which principles of connected learning will help best bring me to my answers.  After this week, I would like to add to my exploration that I want to investigate how I can use the principle of shared purpose to develop class assignments that honor and give voice to my students’ unique expertise.
  6. In light of bringing my students voice, I would like to share a Mexican Easter custom that they shared with me this week.  Have you ever heard of Cascarones?
  7. I follow NPR on Twitter and they shared this compilation of inter-Latino stereotypes earlier this week.  At the foundation of shared purpose is the idea of unity and respect.  As teachers we must remember that just because a community of students LOOK like they could work together for a common goal, they still might actually have a lot of barriers to break through before work can be done.

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