Edcamp Downingtown Finds!

As part of my professional learning this summer, I attended my first EdCamp at the Downingtown STEM Academy last week.  My take-away is that every educator should be REQUIRED to attend an Edcamp once a year.  I walked away so inspired, energized, and valued and I want to share a few of the highlights with you!

EdCamp Calendar & Sign-Ups  If you have never heard of EdCamps before, I recommend you start here to read about them.  This link also contains a list of upcoming EdCamps and links to sign-up.  I recommend checking back this fall for more local dates.

EdCamp Downingtown GoogleDoc  During each EdCamp, attendees take notes on a collaborative GoogleDoc, which allows those who couldn’t attend also benefit from the collaboration!  Click on the link in each session you are interested in to read the GoogleDoc notes on that session.

Graphite.org  This is a resource that was discussed in my Makerspaces session.  It not only gives you great recommendations for how to utilize Makerspaces, but it also provides projects that tie to your area of curriculum.

The Extraordinaires Design Set  If you are new to Makerspaces, like me, this design kit was recommended to me as a great place to start.  All of the planning and preparation is in the box, and is relatively cheap (hopefully you have a modest teacher budget from your district!).

Worlds of Making  This is a book that was spoken very highly of by both teachers in the Makerspace and PBL sessions.  I have not bought it yet, but it looks like a fantastic starter guide for Makerspaces and project-based learning.


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