Checklist for Love

In the aftermath of these first nine days, as saddened as I am by the decisions of a powerful few, I cannot help but be so inspired by and proud of the collective many.  The message from cities and airports across the world has been clear; love is worth fighting for.  With a history that proves that this has not always been the case, I feel hopeful for the side of love.

Here’s what you can do to continue the inspiring actions of so many:

  1. You can #StopSessions.  The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation for US Attorney General on January 31st. Read this letter, written by Coretta Scott King, about why he was not an appropriate vote even back in 1986.
    Contact your Senator to let your voice be heard.  Not sure what to say?  Here’s a template for your phone call, e-mail, and tweet.  (They even provide a link to help you locate your respective Senator.)
  2. You can voice your support for public education, the foundation of democracy. There’s a class of Kindergarteners more qualified to lead public education than Betsy DeVos.  Use the phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and twitter handles you already located above to call/e-mail this message to your Senators.  (They also provide a link to help you locate your State Representatives.)
  3. Protect the powerless.  Print out and distribute this flyer, “Everyone has basic certain rights, no matter who is president,” to those who you know are undocumented.  Knowledge is power.  Pass it on. (English, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and Spanish translations available.)
  4. Spread the word that “Hate Has No Home Here.”  Click here to join the movement and download the below sign. Display them in your front windows, classrooms, or get them silk screened onto a t-shirt (and then promptly contact me for my shipping address).


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